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Small Change Funding for RVC

Christian Education Funding’s Small Change Project


Our school has recently partnered with Christian Education Funding to raise funds for needs-based tuition assistance scholarships.  It is our common goal to make private Christian education more accessible to young families and families who might not be able to attend otherwise.

Here’s how it works:

The Small Change Project web app allows you to register one of your credit or debit cards that you already have in your wallet and use to pay bills online, buy gas or a cup of coffee, pay for groceries.  You don’t have to make any special arrangements, purchase anything in advance, carry anything special around with you, or change your purchasing habits in any way.

Every time you use your enrolled card, the Small Change Project web app rounds up the purchase to the nearest whole dollar, and sends that round up amount to the needs-based tuition assistance scholarship fund at your school.

If you’d like to participate:


From your apple or android phone, Text the word “smallchange” to 24587.

Or from your laptop, desktop, or pad, Go to the link:  Small Change

You will be directed to the Small Change Project web application.

  • Go to the secure small change project web app
  • Register using your personal email address and setting up your own password.
  • You will be taken back to the login page.  Login.
  • Securely add a card (any debit or credit card in your wallet will work).
  • Select your school.
  • Every time you use your card, you will be giving a small gift to your school’s needs-based tuition assistance fund.


Help us make this a success by spreading the word:

Let’s spread the word to our Families, Staff, Grandparents, Church, Alumni, and Friends.

  • Email the link to your friends: 
  • Share the text code:  Text the word “smallchange” to 24587            

You can learn more by following Christian Education Funding:


               Twitter:              @tuition_assist