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Robert A. Graves
Bob Graves doing one of his favorite things, preaching the word of God!

Robert A. Graves Tuition Assistance Fund

The founder of Rincon Valley Christian School, Robert A. Graves, believed in making Christian education accessable to as many famiies as possible. The Robert A. Graves fund was started in honor of "Bob Graves' " with the goal of continuing his vision. For over forty five years Rincon Valley Christian School has provided Christian education to families in Sonoma County, and as a part of our mission we have granted Tuition Assistance to families in need every year, to make Christian education accessable to as many families as possible. Thanks to the generosity of many individuals, companies, and other generous donors last year alone we were able to provide nearly $250,000 in assistance to families so that their children might receive the Christian education that would otherwise be out of reach.

This year we are once again providing tuition assistance through the Robert A. Graves Tuition Assistance Program, to many families who desire Christian education, but struggle financially. We are thankful for the support and the generosity of the funds provided by many donors last year. Our school also budgets 3% every year to provide an additional $60,000 in support, combined these funds provided close to one half of our need last year.  

Once again we need  $250,000 to fund our Tuition Assistance Program for this school year. Please send your gift today to RVCS with a note or memo on your check “for Robert A. Graves Tuition Assistance Fund.” or use the convenient and secure PayPal link below for credit and debit cards. If you mail a check please be sure to mail your gift postmarked before December 31st, to receive a tax deduction for the tax year. Thank you for your generosity in support of Rincon Valley Christian School.



One of our parents recently wrote,

“The Rincon Valley Christian Tuition Assistance Program has been one of the greatest blessings to our family. It has allowed our family to send our children to RVCS. My children have received an amazing education these last few years as well as felt safe and happy in their school. My biggest reason for wanting to be at RVCS is that Jesus is the common core. My children get to pray at school, learn more about God's Word, and are in a Christian environment that reinforces their faith. We were so close to going to public school when my oldest was beginning Kindergarten because we simply could not afford the tuition. I was told to apply to the Financial Assistance Program by an amazing staff member when I called to UN-enroll our son. I cannot tell you how much that phone call has changed our families' lives. We could not be more thrilled to be at RVC. I know this is where God wants our family to be. We are thankful every day for this opportunity to be sending our kids to RVC and we hope to be able to stay at this school through their graduation day!”