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April 17, 2017
By Carolee Fagent

Thursday, April 6, was a special day on campus!  On Thursdays  the PSP part of our Christian family (school) is on campus for "Campus Day" (their own classes).  Unifying our two entities of Day School and PSP  is always a goal, and our K-8 students were invited to participate in a special event together!  There was an assembly of "Big Cats" in the gym, and as I passed the students coming down to the assembly to see a Cheetah and other exotic breeds , the kids were beaming with anticipatory excitement.  The cats did not disappoint, as I heard day school and PSP students at dismissal rushing out to tell their parents about the animals they saw earlier in the day.

Each Thursday our Junior High/High School chapel is an opportunity for our PSP and day school students to worship together in song, prayer, and hear a message by a local pastor. On April 6 the speaker was Pastor Billy Andre.  He spoke about friendship, which is always an important topic to teenagers.  He taught from the Book of Ruth about Ruth and Naomi's friendship, and elicited definitions from students for a true friend.  The moving part of the chapel was when he started going deeper and every student was riveted to God's truth in Proverbs 18:24-"One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother."  He spoke to the common realities of teenage life including loneliness, and the need to be accepted, belong. In closing, he challenged the teens to look for friends who live out Proverbs 27:17, "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another".  For an example he used his long time friendship with our previous math teacher, Mrs. Gordon's, husband, Pat.  He spoke about the urgency of having a friend who will hold you accountable as he revealed the sad story of Pat's illness and death.

As we strive to fulfill our mission statement here at RVCS of raising up students to make an impact for Christ, our prayer is that students cherish the fellowship and friendships they have with each other, our staff, and their families.

Creating a Culture of Care

December 03, 2016
By Carolee Fagent


Reflecting on some of the professional growth I shared with three colleagues(teachers/administrators) in October at a convention with 700 other Christian administrators. There are a couple of key ideas.  First of all, being in a church sanctuary worshipping in song with 700 other Christians is a little piece of heaven!  Secondly, seeing so many educators excited to learn and return to share with students, families, and staff is inspiring. Yet the most valuable concepts to take away from that powerful learning environment centered around “Campus Culture”.  

What is campus culture?  It is the level of  trust between all the entities of a school community; families, teachers, administrators and support staff, students and community members.  It is the “parking lot talk”, it is staff meeting sharing, it is office traffic daily, it is traveling through email, websites, RENWEB, and it is the climate in each classroom.  How are students feeling about their school?  How are families feeling about their school?  How is the staff feeling appreciated or respected?  What is the community’s perception of RVCS?

Of course, campus culture will vary according to each person’s perception because God created all of us in his image with unique learning styles, emotional level variations, brain strengths, and physical variations.  That is his creative design! In addition to that people have  certain biases based on past experiences, life events, family dynamics, and day to day struggles.

Consequently, having a positive campus culture doesn’t guarantee that everyone will be on board with the consensus, or trend.  But what are the components that truly create the kind of campus culture where everyone involved feels the love of Jesus, the peace of a Christian school , as well as satisfied with the level of trust in the community?

One dominant theme in teacher training classes, educational seminars and publications, is to create a culture of care.  What does that mean in a Christian School?  It is a different design because the core of our culture is Jesus Christ, and the handbook for life is the Bible.  The Bible gives us a clear map for creating a Christlike culture, and Jesus life and ministry gives us the specific examples.  If we take the acronym for CARE- which is the key, we can see the direct Biblical application for creating the culture that reflects Christ in every person.  Referring to God’s word, we can practice the keys to developing trust, loyalty, honor and value;


Matthew 7:12- “ So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the law and prophet”


Proverbs 15:1-2- “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.  The tongue of the wise adorns knowledge, but the mouth of the fool gushes folly.”


Romans 12:9,10-”Love must be sincere, hate what is evil, cling to what is good.  Be devoted to  one another in love.  Honor one another above ourselves”


Nehemiah 4:6- “ At last the wall was completed to half its height around the entire city, for the people had worked with enthusiasm”

I am so thankful for God’s word, it shows me the vast abundance of his love for us and his desire for our peace.  When I evaluate how I contribute to our school culture here at God’s school, I go back to Romans 12:9,10.  It speaks of trust, a huge demonstration of a healthy culture.  Our love for each other (students, staff, families, communities) must be sincere.  We have to authentically be devoted to one another in love, we need to purposefully honor each other above ourselves.  How are we doing here at RVCS?  If you have input or something to offer to contribute to a “CARE CULTURE” here at Jesus’ school, let me know!  Each voice is important here- respected , honored, and valued.  Be blessed as you act on Romans 12:9-10, and as you consciously receive Romans 12:9-10 from others in our school culture.


Painting a New Landscape

August 06, 2016
By Carolee Fagent

As God continues to grow and bless his school here at RVC, our administrative team is gearing up and preparing for an outstanding school year with you!  We  have very encouraging enrollment numbers at this time, and new highly qualified teachers as part of the scene, the shape and form where "Jesus is the Common Core" is gaining momentum.

There are a couple of structural changes within the administrative team, so we wanted to let you know who your resources are for assistance, specifically in the K-8th grade team. Mrs. Cunningham is the new Vice Principal of K-6, and she has an Administrative Certification from ACSI, as well as gifts and talents in the areas for elementary leadership.  She will supervise and meet the needs of the K-6 teaching staff, schedules for supervision, as well as students and families. She will still be teaching music for the elementary program, as well as band and Junior High Choir.  Mr. Bob will assist in some of her tasks when she is in the classroom, and Mr. Eggenberger is also available.  Mrs. Guevara is now the Vice Principal of our Junior High Program, and Mrs. Pitman is the new 7-12 Administrative Assistant. All Junior High needs and questions will be directed to the "Secondary Office" in Room 21, not the elementary office.  Mrs. Silvashy continues to serve God in the "Preschool/ Elementary/Main Office." 

My "palette" in our landscape is changing, as I will be a Part Time Vice Principal. My job will support Mr. Eggenberger by taking  care of Personnel/Training new teachers, Professional Development for current teachers( ongoing training), and Curriculum Development. I will continue to work with teachers and families of students who need additional support. In addition to those tasks, I will be gathering data and preparing for our Accreditation Review by ACSI and WASC next year.

Please pray with us that God will be glorified this coming school year as we all serve him where "Jesus is Our Common Core".  We care for students with the love of Christ.  Our desire is to provide high expectations for academics and Biblical world view preparing them to go out and make an impact in the world for Christ.

Thankful to be part of God's ever expanding landscape!  

-Mrs. Fagent

Lunch Time Fun

May 07, 2016
By Carolee Fagent

I wish you all could be out there on lunch supervision with me, to share in the fun we have together!  First, we pray together, student lead, for our food.  Your children are so respectful and focused when we pray, I am always touched by the perfect simplicity of a child's prayer.  Then while we are eating we have five minutes of silence so that students will eat their healthy lunches to prepare for afternoon learning.

    During this time we have contests like , "Best smile while chewing with your mouth closed", "Funniest face while eating with your mouth closed", and other activities! Today the Student Council went around and gave gummy worms to students who were eating quietly during our five minutes.  After that a student from each table comes and gets a small brush and dust pan and cleans up under their table.  Again, it is a joy to watch them work together to physically take care of our school property.  

     Then it is time for dismissal and depending on the season, games on the playground.  For the most part, the younger grades like to build structures on the wood chips, and rocks, and play jump rope as well as go on the play structure.  They also enjoy the game of chase and pretending they are animals or famiies.  For the upper grades there is always a "sport of the season".  During the winter months it is always basketball, with one competitive game going, and one less competitive.  Four square and four corners are year round games, as are nine square and tetherball.

    Right now the popular sport is a big game of kickball, where about twenty five students in grades 3-6 play together in a big game.  Watching them organize the game, work together, coach each other, and praise each other is something i enjoy very much!  Our Yard Supervision is very thorough to ensure safety for all children, and we do enforce playground rules set up for their safety.  Coach Bear , our football coach, Miss Mindy, our food organizer, as well as comforter, and I are out there  every day.  We also have parent volunteers and pastors, principals  who help, and we are so thankful for them!  It is a great ways to observe your child playing, while watching for safety with all the children during playtime.  Join us next year to serve some volunteer hours as we enjoy time with our awesome students during lunch!

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