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For we are His workmanship

December 03, 2016
By Paul Eggenberger MA Ed. Head of School
"For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them".  -Ephesians 2:10
Carol MacLeod

Thanksgiving has come and gone and for me it has been a season of both joy and sorrow. But in all ways a time of thanks to God for His grace and provision. I lost a good friend and colleague, Carol MacLeod, on veterans day. But while sorrowful at her death, I rejoice in her knowing that she had gone home to be with our God.

Carol was a remarkable woman who reflected the character of Christ as a humble, quiet servant, who became sought after for her wisdom by teachers, students and parents alike. She dedicated her life to Christian education and served RVC over the last 35 years, most recently as Registrar. For me personally, she was a long time friend who generously shared her wisdom and encouraged me when I was a new teacher 25 years ago. She also was an editor of this blog, and a close confident to me over the last four years, providing wisdom and insight to me in my role as Head of School at RVC.

I am indeed thankful for Carol, and all of our faculty and staff members as well who share Carol's dedication to Christian Education. Like Carol, they are "mission driven" people who serve out of love for Jesus Christ. They share her conviction that their is supernatural tranformational power in the Bible, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. And they believe that their service to the Lord can make a difference in the lives of families and students at RVC and in the world for eternity. As with Carol, it isn't a job to them, it is a calling on their lives. 

Like Carol, our faculty and staff are quiet servant leaders who demonstrate their love by their actions daily. As Head of School I am blessed to see and hear every day the many ways our faculty and staff reach out to our students and families in biblically gracious and caring ways. Daily I see and hear our "team" guiding, loving, admonishing, correcting, disciplining with grace, and planning for the best for their students. And like Carol they have the knowledge and courage to hold students accountable and graciously redirect and challenge them, so that our students learn how to see adversity and challenge as an opportunity for growth rather than reasons for anxiety and stress. The result is a culture that builds servant leaders, and prepares our students to succeed in a challenging culture, as leaders, not followers or victims.

I am also very thankful to God for our school families! Almost every day I get an email or Facebook message from our alumni, or a parent, or a student, who shares a word of encouragement or thankfulness for RVC. We are here to make an impact in the world for Christ through our students, and I'm convinced that we are succeeding and being blessed by God because we honor Him, serve Him, glorify Him and not ourselves.

Carol MacLeod did one more thing that I also see practiced by many in our school community. She didn't let anyone know because she didn't want recognition, but like so many generous members of our school community, she gave out of her small salary to our Robert A. Graves Tuition Assistance Fund. Her giving supported tuition for several students each year who wouldn't be able to attend if it hadn't been for her generosity. For Carol, and all of you I am indeed thankful for your generosity!

Please join me in celebrating the birth of Jesus this Christmas season as we take time with those we love and as we give the gift of love to all we meet. May we all be representatives of the King so that those who don't know Him will ask us for the reason for the light they see in us and our children. Merry Christmas!


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