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December 2016

December 03, 2016
By Wendy Cunningham

I hope you all had a restful Thanksgiving break and enjoyed time with your family and friends.  I want to thank you all for your prayers and encouragement for the MacCleod family and our staff here at RVC.  We’re so blessed by this school community as a staff! What a gift to be able to attend Mrs. MacCleod’s memorial as a community of family, friends, co-workers and students- the body of Christ!  Your students were so respectful of that time, and it was a wonderful celebration of Mrs. MacCleod’s life as well as God’s faithfulness and grace to work through lives lived for His glory. 

            This morning I walked around campus and enjoyed seeing all of the classrooms transforming into Christmas wonderlands- sparkling lights, tinsel, shiny red ornaments and green garlands.  Even in our home the background music has changed to Christmas and what a joy it is!  What other time of year do we get to hear “mild, He lays His glory by, born that man no more may die…” playing even over the loudspeakers in the mall?  It’s a reminder to me to relish this season and not waste a minute of it.  Amidst the shopping, music rehearsals, homework and deadlines, God is continuing to work His great plans and He is willing to use us! 

            It’s a great opportunity to remind ourselves and teach our children ways to keep our focus on Him.  Our family has benefitted greatly over Christmas seasons past from various advent books and activities that help us keep Christ at the center during this full season.  Some resources I would commend to you if you’re looking for something simple or more involved would be: any of the books from the series, “A Storybook for Advent” by Arnold Ytreeide like “Jotham’s Journey”, “Prepare Him Room” advent devotional for families which also includes carols to sing and activities to do together, or activities involving a “Jesse Tree”- look online and you’ll find several.  Even if you just take a few minutes a day to read part of the Christmas story in Luke 2, sing a Christmas carol or pray together as a family, I know that we have never regretted taking the time to do it, even on a late December night.  Those are precious times with our children and those times are never wasted when they are focused on Christ and His Word! 

Praying that you relish the season, and the many opportunities to worship our Savior with your children!

~Wendy Cunningham


October 07, 2016
By Wendy Cunningham

Can you believe it’s October already?  I was still talking myself into September with every day that the mercury spiked over 90 degrees, and here we are, forging into fall!  It seems like here on campus as well as in our own home, we are settling in a bit more.  Homework is taking on a steadier pace, our internal alarm clocks are (sort of) getting used to this school schedule and I can almost remember who needs to be where for what sport on whichever day without the calendar…almost! 

            Somewhere in the midst of all the carpooling, crock potting, driving through and getting homework done in the car on game days, I actually found a half an hour to pull some weeds in my yard.  (Don’t feel bad, I think it was the first time I managed to do it in a month!)    It seemed like a good time to listen to a podcast and get some Biblical input so I weeded in the dark while I listened to “How to Raise and Alien Child” by Jen Wilkin.  Some of you are probably thinking, “why would I WANT to know how to raise an alien when some days I feel like I already HAVE one?!”  But this podcast was based on 1 Peter 2:11-12, an encouragement to us as sojourners and exiles to live for the purpose of glorifying God in a foreign place.

            It was such a breath of fresh air and also convicting for me as a mom, wife, teacher and vice principal to be exhorted and encouraged about my perspective!  We can so quickly get distracted by these good things- routines, sports, music, fill in the blank- that they become the point of all that we do, instead of raising kids who understand that believers are not meant to fade into the background of the world.  I began to ask myself, do I have time for conversations with my kids about the Lord and their lives, do I leave enough space in the day (and my mind!) for them to gather up the courage to talk with me about something hard that is happening with their friends, am I intentional about creating space for real life interactions and relationship building that will allow me to speak into their lives about more spiritual matters?  Is that more important to me or is getting to the next thing always the priority?  Do we even really need the “next thing”?

            My prayer for all of us is that we are able to pause this month, take a breath and spend time in God’s word and in prayer.  Let’s ask Him for clear perspective- even with holidays on the horizon- to put His kingdom first, to model that for our kids and teach them how to do that, even though we are still learning to do it better.  I pray for sweet moments reading, playing games, laughing, talking and praying together with your kiddos and mine too.  Treasure these opportunities to pour God’s truth into our kids and train them up to trust and follow Christ even when it means we don’t quite fit in with what the world around us will tell us is “normal”.  Together, let’s encourage each other and our children to value glorifying God in all that we do- and don’t do- above all other things.

Resting in Him, Wendy Cunningham

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