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  • Kindergarten
Kindergarten- Mrs. Fletcher
1 sturdy pencil box no larger than 5”x8” labeled w/your child’s name
1 sturdy plastic pocket folder, also labeled
1 pair child’s scissors (left handed if necessary)
2 pink Pearl erasers
6 large glue sticks
1 box broad line (10 ct.) classic color markers
1 box 24-count crayons
1 set Crayola washable watercolors, 8 colors
1 standard-size backpack
1 change of clothes (for bathroom accidents) in a gallon size ziplock bag and labeled
1 beach towel in a labeled fabric bag (for storing) for rest time.
  • 1st Grade
1st Grade – Mrs. Walker 
2 doz. #2 Ticonderoga pencils (sharpened)
2 Fine Point, black Sharpie Markers
Crayola Broad Line Classic markers (10 ct.)
Crayola Crayons (24 ct.)
Sharpened colored pencils (12 ct.)
1 bottle Elmer’s white glue (8 oz.)
1 pair Fiskar’s safety scissors
1 pack low-odor dry erase marker (4 ct.)
1 watercolor paint tray (Crayola or Prang)
*Grade 1 please also bring a ziplock baggie with the following coins: 4 quarters, 10 dimes, 10 nickels & 15 pennies.
  • 2nd Grade
2nd Grade- Miss Hall
Ticonderoga Pencils – box of 12
PaperMate Pink Pear Erasers – pack of 3
3 Vinyl Folders (red, yellow, and black)
4 spiral Notebooks, wide ruled, 70 sheets (any color)
Crayola Crayons, 24 pack
Crayola Watercolors, 16 color
Crayola Colored Pencils, 12 pack
Crayola Markers, 8 pack
Elmer’s Large Glue Sticks, 3 pack
Elmer’s White Glue, 1 bottle
Pencil box
Dry Erase Markers, 4 pack
  • 3rd Grade
3rd Grade- Mrs. Martinson
4 Black Expo Dry Erase Markers, Chisel tip
Pencil Box with lid 8.5 x 5.5 x 2.5
Yellow Highlighters
Classic Broad line colored markers 10-12 count
2 Wide Ruled lined paper 200 count
5 Red pencils
Pink Pearl Erasers one large or 3 small
1 dozen Dixon Ticonderoga Wood-Cased #2 Pencils
  • 4th Grade
4th Grade- Mrs. Halpin
1 New International Version Bible
Colored Pencils 12 count
Highlighters, 2 Colored
Set of Fine Line Washable Markers
Glue Sticks - 2
2 Heavy Duty Plastic 2-pocket folders with 3 hole punch
Low-Odor Dry Erase Markers, 4-Pack, Assorted Colors
BIC Pencil Medium Point (0.7 mm), 12-Count (mechanical pencils)
Lead Refill 0.7 mm Medium, HB
Scissors, 5-Inch Blunt
2 Red Erasable Pencils
Dixon Ticonderoga 2HB Pencils, Pre-Sharpened, Box of 30
Pencil Sharpener (hand held)
Mead Composition Book, Wide Ruled (approximately 9” X 7”)
Pink Pearl Eraser
Pack of Crayons
Pencil Box – approximately 5” X 8”
1 spiral notebook - approximately 5” X 7” (homework planner)
  • 5th Grade
5th Grade- Mrs. Hazelrigg (Please follow specifics , if given) (Label folders, binders on inside)
1 New International Version Bible
2 dozen #2 pencils (Dixon-Ticonderoga)
1 set washable colored felt pen markers
(24 ct.) sharpened colored pencils
2 glue sticks
1 pair scissors
1 pkg. blue or black ballpoint pens
2 red pens
2 pocket folders with 3 hole punch and horizontal pockets (2 of same color)
1 standard/metric ruler
1 pink or white eraser
1 spiral notebook (approx. 5"x 7”)
1 spiral notebook (8 1/2”x11”) college ruled
1 pencil box no larger than 5”x 8”
1 basic calculator
2- (1 inch) 3 ring view binder with horizontal pockets (any color that you like!)
1 Composition Book 100 wide ruled sheets (approx. 9 “X 7”)
1 pkg. 150-200 sheets college ruled binder paper
1 set of tab sheet dividers (8 ½” X 11”)…5 tabs


  • 6th Grade
Sixth Grade – Mrs. Arendt
Bible - NIV
2 packages of college ruled paper (200 pages or more)
3- 12 packs of #2 Ticonderoga or Dixon pencils -sharpened
Small pencil sharpener
1 package (10-12) red non-erasable ballpoint pens
8-pack glue sticks
1 pair of scissors
24 pack of Crayola colored pencils
10 pack Crayola Washable broadline markers
12 pack Crayola Washable thinline markers
64 pack Crayola crayons
4 composition books 100-wide ruled sheets 9.75x7.5-please nothing smaller than this!
4 pocket folders
2 highlighters
Basic calculator
2 pink or white erasers
1 package 3x3 post-it notes (2 pads per pack is good)
Pencil box (5x8 inches is a good size)
4 pack of black Expo dry erase markers (low odor is preferred)
My tip to you: If you have any of the above items from last year and they are in good condition, please reuse! :)

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