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On Line Classes


Rincon Valley Christian partners with a number of online providers to enable students in our school to take courses that offer dual college credit, AP classes, foreign languages other than Spanish, classes not in a typical grade level, other electives, or for credit recovery.
Students must consult with the secondary office prior to taking any courses. Course fees vary depending on courses, provider and student status.


  • Ignitia (Taught by RVC teachers)

    • Taught by RVC teachers and/or Alpha-Omega Instructors
    • Useful for credit recovery and out of grade level classes
    • Non-College Prep classes and electives
    • Click on the "Ignita" link and navigate to the Course Catalog for more information
    • Course fees range from $150 to $600 per course


  • Sevenstar Class Course listing 

    • AP Courses
    • Additional foreign languages
    • Additional College Prep classes and electives
    • Click on the "Sevenstar" link to download their Course Catalog
    • Not all college prep classes are UC/CSU approved
    • Registration fees are currently $45
    • Course fees range from $620 to $720 per course


  • Grand Canyon University (GCU) Dual Credit

    • College General Elective classes
    • Dual-enrollment for advanced students (i.e. earn college credit)
    • Student register through the GCU website
    • Click on the "Grand Canyon University" link for more information
    • Course fees are $210 per course. Additional textbook fees may apply


  • Santa Rosa Junior College & Other Colleges or Universities

    • Not an official partner
    • Student may also take classes from other colleges and/or universities
    • Please meet with RVC counselors/administrators before enrolling