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Blended Learning Program

The Blended Learning Program is designed to meet the needs of families who seek an academic program that will meet the unique needs of the individual student. Students in this program may take a combination of on campus, PSP, or on line courses while being supervised and mentored by a professional educator at Rincon Valley Christian School. In addition to the course material offered, on campus students may also be enrolled in on line and/or satellite courses provided by Rincon Valley Christian School.
  • Students must demonstrate the maturity and academic discipline needed to succeed and the ability to work with limited supervision and be approved by the administration.
  • Students must also be proficient in the use of word processing software and have access to their own wireless capable device with internet access. (Apple, Android or Microsoft laptop or pad.)
  • Blended students are limited to 3 Day School Classes, not including online.
Blended Learning courses are available July 1st to any PSP student when:
  • A University of California a-g accredited course or courses are desired by parent/student**
  • or a comparable course is not offered
  • or it will not fit into their schedule,
  • or it will address a special need or circumstance of the student and/or school.
  • ** Please note; Not all courses in the blended program are UC approved A-G college preparatory classes.


Blended Tuition and Fees


PSP students (3 or fewer Day School classes*):

To be eligible for the Blended Program students must have completed one year of full time attendance and must have maintained at least a 2.5 GPA with no grades below a C in any subject. All classes are subject to additional fees or fee changes and students require prior approval of the administration.

  • Registration fee: $250
  • Course fee: 20% regular Day School Tuition per course
  • Additional fees: Normal course and supply fees
  • Curriculum and program fees 20% per course
  • Study hall/resource room fee $500 per period/semester
  • Online course fees (varies)
  • Full Sports fee per sport (not eligible for days school rate)
*Day students are defined as enrolled in 4 or more day School classes.


Application Packet for Blended Program