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International Program




Worldskan is an educational consulting service that we partner with through Harry Skandera. The program connects high school students from around the world with Christian schools in America. Worldskan brings experience and commitment to creating a long term relationship that is the driving force in seeing students and schools discover the exciting possibilities available to them today around the world.
Worldskan was developed by Harry Skandera, a teacher and administrator who has spent the last few decades in classrooms and across the globe in international business. Harry Skandera has an extensive background in international education, business and travel. In working with people from over 40 different nations, Skandera has a deep appreciation and respect for the specific details of each potential student’s background and culture.


See our Brocure (English)


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Become a Host Family

Host families invite one or more of their interntional students into their home for a school year or more. Host families receive a stipend to offset the costs associated with having the student live with your family. For more information contact Harry Skandera


Sophia - English Version


Krystal - English Version


Peter - English Version