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Graduation Requirements

Secondary Enrollment Requirements

All 7th through 12th grade students are required to be enrolled in the following classes. Administration may waive enrollment requirements for special circumstances, such as learning challenges, SRJC conflicts or other logistical issues.

  • 7th & 8th Grade: Bible, Math, Science, English, Social Science, PE, Elective (Art or Band)
  • 9th Grade: Bible, Math, Physical Science, English, Spanish 1, PE, Elective (Art or Band)
  • 10th Grade: Bible, Math, Biology, English, Spanish 2, World History, Elective (Art, Band or PE)
  • 11th Grade: Bible, Math, Chemistry, American Literature, US History
  • 12th Grade: Bible, Math, British Literature, Economics (1 semester), Government (1 semester)

California State Minimal Requirements

California School Districts may impose additional graduation requirements. Rincon Valley Christian requires students to enroll in additional courses, however, students will be able to graduate if they meet the following California State minimal requirements.

  • Three English courses
  • Two Mathematics courses that includes Algebra 1
  • Physical Science and Biology
  • World History, US History and Econ/Gov
  • One Visual Performing Arts class (Art, Band or Choir) or One Foreign Language class or One Technical Education class.
  • Two PE classes, unless exempted by EDC Section 51241 or EDC Section 60800
    • Sports Waivers: One full season is equivalent to One Semester of PE
    • FITNESSGRAM Spring Test: Two full years if a student meets any five of the six standards of the physical performance test administered pursuant to EDC Section 60800.


UC/CSU College Prep Designation

In order to attend a University of California (UC) or California State School (CSU), students must become eligible. One of the paths to becoming eligible is to complete with a C or higher a minimum of 15 "a-g" courses approved by the University of California. ("a-g" designates the subject area of the courses. RVC designates graduates at their Senior High graduation ceremony with a UC/CSU College Prep designation. In order to obtain this designation, students must complete the following with a C or better in each class:

a. Four years of English
b. Three years of math, including Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2. (Algebra 1 taken in 8th grade will count.)
c. Two years of history/social science: US History and Econ/Gov
d. Two years of labe science: Biology and Chemistry
e. Two years of the same Foreign Language: Spanish 1 & Spanish 2 (Other language classes may count if taken from a UC approved institution)
f. One year of a Visual and Performing Art (VPA): Art, Band or Choir
g. One year of an additional UC approved course: Physical Science, additional VPA, Spanish 3 or 4, World Philosophies or a class from an approved program.

Rincon Valley Christian Scholar

RVC designates graduates at their Senior High graduation ceremony with the Rincon Valley Christian Scholar designation. In order to obtain this designation, students must complete the following courses with a C or better, have met CA graduation requirements and are UC/CSU approved:

  • Four years of Bible: Students who transfer from other schools and have not taken bible are still required to earn four years of credits. Online classes, dual credit or taking an extra Bible class may be available.
  • Four years of Math
  • Four years of Science
  • Two additional classes: Spanish 3, Spanish 4, additional VPA or any college level course equivalent to a year of a high school course.
Total credits may vary due to individual student circumstances. In order to graduate, students must meet the California State minimum graduation requirements. For UC/CSU acceptance, at a minimum, students must pass the required "a-g" UC approved courses. Academically competitive students may want to take additional "a-g" courses, dual credit courses and more. See our Online Courses page for more options.