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RVC Is a member of the GCU Christian Schools Consortium. 


Grand Canyon University (GCU) created a no-cost, non-exclusive participant program called the Canyon Christian Schools Consortium (CCSC). Key goals of the program are to reduce the overall cost of private Christian education, increase enrollment for faith-based high schools and offer significant incentives to encourage Christian high school students to enroll at GCU.

As Christians, we strive to reflect our faith and values in every aspect of our lives. As Christian educators, we know that Christ is the foundation upon which all academic pursuits should be built. The CCSC is designed to enhance the Christian educational experience of all parties involved: your teachers, students, parents and school community.

We believe that when Christian schools work together in accordance with their mission and values, the entire Christian education community benefits. As the CCSC evolves and expands, so will the services and support that GCU offers to members. We welcome your input and feedback about ways we can further serve CCSC members and Christian education.