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Other Sports


RVC students are active in other sports not officially offered. This page is to help students connect with others who have a desire to play or compete in these sports or activities. 



After Spring Break we will be hosting open gym times for Badminton. More details will be announced soon.


5th-8th Grade Soccer

Friendly League: After spring break, we will attempt to organize a “Friendly League.” This league includes other schools and is run informally. (Similar to open gym). No cost, except for equipment that needs to include a white shirt and a royal blue shirt.

Sports City: Sports City is a local business that runs indoor soccer leagues year round. RVC will not have an official team competing. However, students who want to play may register at the same time as other RVC students in order to join the same “House” team. The house team is for players who do not have a team. Costs $40 annual membership, $82 session, $10 uniform. (Costs may change) Sessions are just under 3 months.


We have mats, a few interested students and gym time outside the regular wrestling season. Our hope is to find a parent volunteer to coordinate a "Free Style" Wrestling club for our students.