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Over 40 Years of Alumni


Rincon Valley Christian School has a rich legacy of successful graduates.  From a large group of moms and dads now returning to RVC with their kids to PhD's working in universities across the country.  From the news rooms of FOX news, to the classrooms of schools all over the country. Carpenters, scientist, beauticians, nurses, doctors, government officials, engineers, pastors, missionaries, attorneys, real estate professional and business people and every other walk of life the fruit of God's work in the lives of our Alumni is evident throughout the world. In upcoming weeks individual stories will be shared on this page. Please check back soon to hear the legacy of RVC. And if you are an Alumni and want to share your story please contact Tamara Pitman.

RVC has a alumni website!  If you are an RVC Alumni we want to hear from you please register on our Alumni website, or our RVC Alumni Facebook page

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Posted by Rincon Valley Christian School on Saturday, November 21, 2015

One of the many things our RVC Alumni are doing in the world!