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Welcome to Rincon Valley Christian School!
Paul Eggenberger, Head of School
Paul Eggenberger,
Head of School


We are an evangelical interdenominational Christian School located in Santa Rosa California serving families for over 45 years, offering classes from Preschool through 12th grade. Located on a spacious 17 acre campus that reflects the beauty of God’s creation in Sonoma County. And this is an exciting and innovative place to be! The RVC Day School Program is for any Christian family seeking a college preparatory education that instills a Biblical world view and is built around the person of Jesus Christ, or as we say "Jesus is our common core."

One of the first things visitors notice is the atmosphere of joy and excitement in our students and staff. We believe that creativity and responsibility are essential to engagement in learning and growth. Whether in the classroom, in sports competition, or in our dedication to thoroughly preparing young people to reach their full potential in Christ, students are surrounded by teachers who share a desire to develop students who grow in their knowledge of  God's world, and in their relationship with Jesus. This creates a unique campus environment, a community that is safe, encouraging, and one that promotes learning, self control, growth and desire to pursue personal holiness.

Our vision is to develop leaders who impact the world for Christ. We strive to achieve this goal by teaching all students with six core objectives or Expected Schoolwide Learning Results in mind as a guide to all of our instruction and programs. These ESLER's are:

  • A defendable biblical worldview as a guide and standard for life.
  • Communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills needed to function effectively in life.
  • Citizenship through appreciation of our Christian and American heritage of responsible freedom, human dignity and acceptance of authority.
  • Critical thinkers who demonstrate higher order cognitive skills as they approach learning in academic or biblical content areas
  • An appreciation of the fine arts by developing the students’ understanding and personal expression of fine and performing arts
  • Effective study skills as they approach learning in all academic or biblical content areas.
College size Gymnasium

The programs designed to support our ESLER's are:

  • Our STEM program (Science Engineering, Technolgy and Math) has been developed to create a strong academic focus on math and science while developing a love for learning and inquiry.
  • Our award winning fine arts programs provide opportunities to experience God’s workmanship in rich and diverse ways through music, art and drama.
  • Our Liberal Arts program integrates the teachings of the Bible with a Biblical Worldview focus in Lterature and Social Studies.
  • Our physical education program is provided for all grades, preschool through 12th, with a focus on Christian Character.
  • Our championship athletic programs give all students the opportunity to participate to the greatest of their ability in our complete athletic complex with a Christian values focus.

Our excellence in educating young people has been recognized by receiving full accreditation for our Day School Program from the Association of Christian Schools International  (ACSI)  and the Western Association of Schools andColleges (WASC). and demonstrated by our consistent standardized test scores placing our day program students in the top 15% of students nationally.

Our alternative Private Sattelite Program offers a non accredited educational program to support parental choice in education for families seeking a homeschool alternative. Our "Campus Day" exists to provide an opportunity for students enrolled in the RVC PSP program to participate in classes once a week in a classroom setting in both academic and elective courses. At the High School level these courses will provide affordable access towards fulfillment of current CIF outside graded course requirements.

RVC is a ministry of Santa Rosa Bible Church and partners with other churches throughout the greater Santa Rosa area.


If you would like more information please give us a call at 707-539-1486, we would love to show you around or set up a day for your children to shadow!

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